Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sunday School Lesson: Alma 13-18

While trying to listen to Jon's well done lesson a couple of short notes were passed between friends. They read as follows:

Dear Ry-Ry,

If I were Jon Harmon’s trophy wife, I think I would have to wear a string of pearls. And also a nice black dress. And also I would part my hair on the other side. I don’t know how I would act or what I would do, but that’s definitely what I would wear.

More importantly, do you ever worry that 50 years from now the term “Ry-Ry” will become an adjective? And you’ll hear your grandchildren being all, “Oh, man! That was sooo Ry-Ry!”

Think about it.
Heart Kat

You know its funny you mentioned those two things. First, I often wonder what I would wear if I were your trophy husband—probably really high healed mens shoes, Bono sunglasses, and a lime green not-quite-big-enough shirt. Then, what if my name became a descriptive term? When I think about that I’m kind of scared at what its definition would be, probably something similar to spastic or corky…maybe both.

Heart Ryan
(with caption: that’s a good heart right?)
(with Kat’s return caption: very good, but kind of balloony)

It’s almost too perfect, because when I picture my trophy husband, that’s exactly what he’s wearing. It’s like you’re inside my head! You’re amazing. You’re, like, so Ry, you’re Ry-Ry. Seriously, I mean that.

Heart Kat

That means a lot to me. What if Kat became an adjective? If it did it would be a good one.


Are you Katting with me? Cuz that would be totally Ry-Ry. Only someone completely Em would Kat around during Sunday School. I’m totally Ann-Marie-ing out.

Crazy Heart Kat
(with Ry’s caption: That is a really Katty heart)
(with Kat’s return caption: Your mom’s a Jon Katty heart)
(Kat’s continued caption: I’m just Emming you.)

This Sunday School teacher is a Jon good teacher, if you know what I mean. ;)

Ps. Remember when you were 16 and you thought the word “sects” was really funny…yeah, me either.
By the way, it was a good lesson Jon, I was paying attention.

Click here to see the actually notes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Three People and an Every Day Conversation

...conversation turns to eating strange things...

Ryan: When I was little, my neighbor and I would drop our peanut butter and jam sandwiches in the dirt so that the dirt would stick to the jam--then we would eat them.

Caroline's Dad: (Puts his that-is-interesting grin on his face)

Ryan: Yeah, it was real grainy...I think one of us accidentally dropped our sandwich and then we were too embarrassed to admit that it was an accident. The logical way out was to pretend you did it on purpose, tell your friend that it tasted good and then he's all the sudden dying to try it.

Caroline's Dad: That will definately put hair on your chest.

Mauri: Then I would hate to see what Benjamin ate as a kid!

Ryan and Caroline's Dad: (Both chuckle--because it's funny)

And then I found and ear-waxy $20 bill. Go figure.

In case you are really bored you can click here to see a press release I wrote for work.
Or I would recommend the new Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Reliable Opinion

I work for funny guys...maybe eccentric is a better word to describe them, but eccentric is also funny to me. Now you probably expect me to begin into a story, or possibly a couple, describing situations or circumstances in the past that would validate my opinion of my employers. This would be a very good assumption; however, I feel like all of you already trust me, and consequently I feel no need to verify my opinion with some silly story about how they chew up mouth fulls of gum and then splat them on their office windows.

If I was doubtful you'd believe me, I might also tell about the time we heard all kinds of commotion going on in their office and found them bashing a telescope and tripod in the ground--all in good fun of course. Yah, I think I would tell you stories like that...I might even mention the time I walked into their office, shortly after they had left for a meeting, to find hundreds of peanut M&M's covering the floor.

I definitely could use many different stories to convince you but I'm glad I don't need to, because you trust me as a reliable source--thank you.

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