Monday, November 22, 2004

Just Wondering if Anyone Else Noticed

Yeah, so a few weeks ago Jon Harmon suggests that Caroline writes a blog, then everyone and their mom's dog (except for Em's, cause her mom ate the dog) agreed that it would be a good idea, including me. So like the obedient child I am I quickly gave her all the information she needed to write a blog here at "Wahooo!" (there is a little store behind that name--it has to do with her--I'll tell you later). Yet I haven't seen a blog posted by anyone but me...actually come to thing of it even when she does post a blog it will say I posted it...hmmm, maybe I can fix that. Anyway lets rally up some comments to help get Caroline excited to write a blog. Hip Hip Hurray!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Coach Crowton Getting Fired

I heard a nasty roomer from a source that I don't know too much about. The source is someone at work and she says that her father works with someone who has "high" connections with people at BYU. She claims him to be a very reliable source. I don't really know but here is what she told me:

The decision to fire Coach Crowton has already been made, he is going to be fired. If BYU loses tomorrow to New Mexico they will announce it after the game. If they win then they won't announce it until after the Utah game. Either way he is still being fired. They will also announce that Kyle Whittingham, Utah's current defensive coordinator, has been offered the job of head coach.

I don't know what think about this (I mean whether it is true or not). I listened to sports radio today after work to see if they were saying anything, and they mentioned having sources tell them that even if BYU won the next two games (that includes a win over #8 Utah) Coach Crowton would still be fired.

This, I think is crap. The girl at work implied that the decision is because some of the big money booster are demanding it. If that is true I will be greatly saddened and disappointed. Frankly, I think that Crowton has done a good job this year. He is a college football coach. He has only been the coach for four years. He is still dealing with players that he didn't recruit, players that may not fit in the system he would like to have. You can't really judge a college coach until he has had 5-6 years. Plus you don't fire a coach for finishing 6-5 (which is what I think BYU will finish) and having a bowl appearance. Remember BYU has had one of the toughes schedules in the nation playing the #1, #8, #13 and #28 teams in the nation.

I hope this isn't true. But if it is I am sharing my frustration in advance. Not becuase I love Crowton, but because booster are making the decisons of whether or not we are firing a coach. If boosters get in the way how do you expect anyone to successfully coach the team?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm an Uncle Again!

My little sister and her husband had their first baby on Sunday morning. A dang cute little boy named Caden. He was 7 lb and 6 oz, 21 in long, but some of that length was due to the cone-shape head he had.

Click here to see him.

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