Thursday, September 29, 2005

Must be Shared

Caroline in her ceaseless efforts to brighten my day emailed me a simple headline and picture. I feel obliged to shared it with you.

Michelin Man Denies Paternity Suit Claims Child is Not His

I don't know about that.

Monday, September 26, 2005

You're Not the Only One

Tired of rising gas prices? Well get creative. If you want to see another way a friend of mine is saving on gas you need to read his blog about Hidalgo, it is quite a fun read--though a bit lengthy. As the ultimate alternative you could go solar powered like these guys did.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Red Handed

I caught a couple of my coworkers talking about me:

Stu says: hey dude
Neal says: hmm?
Stu says: do you ever worry that when I say deragatory things about you, that I'm actually being serious?
Neal says: No, why?
Stu says: or that I pretend I'm joking, but really I mean what I say?
Neal says: No, I would tend to think that you're just never serious
Stu says: mmm... true that me being serious is a rather rare event
Neal says: Yerrrrs.
Neal says: Why do you ask?
Stu says: just so you know, before meeting Ryan I was actually a really nice guy
Neal says: It's RYAN's fault. That fetcher.
Stu says: well, I go home and cry everyday because I take everything seriously, like when Ryan calls me a fool, or you call me a fetcher
Stu says: when I call you guys fetchers and fools, I'm just lashing out
Neal says: Shoot, when Ryan calls me a fetcher, I usually feel and warm and special inside.
Stu says: *sniff*
Stu says: I feel cold and prickly
Neal says: I just understand his intent. When he calls me a "fetcher" what I hear is "swell guy with a quick intellect"
Stu says: I try, I just can't do it... I'm too sensitive I guess. I cry when I watch slapstick because I feel bad for the guy getting hurt, and everybody else is laughing at his pain
Neal says: Wow. Must be brutal to watch the Three Stooges huh?
Stu says: I can't do it
Stu says: I'd choke on my own tears if I ever watched it
Neal says: True, one of the saddest expressions in the english language is "A wise guy, huh? Take that!"
Stu says: .... We'd better stop, I'm about to start bawling in front of Ryan. Then he'll make fun of me and I'll cry even more


Monday, September 12, 2005

Just Like the Movies

This morning dark and early (yeah it was way before "bright and early") I was taking Caroline to the bus stop as usual. As we were pulling into the parking area she noticed a man that she had seen the day before. He naturally stuck out from the crowd because he wore light green scrubs. I imagine he is a nurse or something similar. That's not the only thing however, that made him stick out. He was on a bicycle, and that is why I'm writing about him.

Like I said just as we were about to pull in she noticed him. This also happened to be the precise time that he was riding off of the road onto the the walk area at the bus stop (it's the Timpanogos Transit Center, not a regular bus stop on the side of the road). As his front wheel approached the side walk area his bike came to a forceful and quick stop. Unfortunately, his body and the bag he was carrying did not. They continued forward until is butt was no longer on his seat and his hands were no long holding the handle bars. Additionally, his feet were no longer on his pedals they happened to be somewhere between the pedals and the ground trying vigorusly to reach something solid before everything hit something solid. Eventually his chest hit up against his handle bars getting the bike up and over the small ledge that had been the cause of all this hassle and his feet did find the ground, but the half second of chaos we witnessed was so delightful that Caroline and I laughed about it for the next several minutes replaying it over and over in our minds before her bus came and took her away from me.

Caroline mentioned afterward how fortunate it was for him that as he was in his moment of dispear we were turning our car and thus our headlights just in time to spotlight him.

It's been a great morning thus far.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

a really good idea

This morning I had a dream that I was in high school and Benjamin Pratt and I had seminar together. Our seminary teacher was a jerk to me. So I was teasing and making fun of him after class because he had "pre-judged" me. I was late to seminary and he gave me a hard time, but I had a legitimate excuss (I don't remember what it was but it was good) so I got ticked that he was acting like I was this bad kid....anyway so I was making fun of him and he threw his scriptures at me! I thought that was a little out of line for a seminary teacher.


Oh yeah I know the title has no correlation to the story. Sorry.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Urgent HELP Needed

I'm sure that all of you know and have heard about the tragedies currently going on in New Orleans, and all over the Gulf Coast. In an effort to help out the LDS church has asked its members to donate through their local wards. On the donation slip list the donation as either "fast offerings" or "humanitarian aid." So remember this Sunday as you go to church!

The people are in extreme need of help! The area has been completely wasted, caos has erupted, people are doing stupid things and suffering badly because they have: no food, no water, no where to sleep, no shower, no clean clothes, and dead bodies all over the city. Any money you could donate would be a big blessing to someone over there. After all helping our brothers and sisters is what life is really about.

Later friends. Keep the refugees in your prayers.

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