Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Yeah that pretty much sums up my feelings.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Count Down

I currently have two count downs on my mind. Wondering if there should be any others.

Count Down 1
Minutes until my final final (yes that's right-Final Final) are finished: 2,973

Count Down 2
Days until my blog has its first Birthday: 13

What are you counting down?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Been Going Through My U:\ Drive

So before I graduated I wanted to go through my good old U:\ drive on BYU and get any of my old documents off of there that I may want to have. While looking at them I came across a document named "Your Eyes". It is a file my good friend Carson Nuttall sent me to help me out with life's challenges. The suggestions were given by sisters in his mission. Here it is:

How to MEET and WOO a
righteous female daughter of God...

• always say her name
• find things out about her and USE them
• ask her questions (don’t talk about yourself on the first date unless she asks - answer her question and then STOP and ask her more
• remember key things she tells you and ask her about them later
• simple, share compliments (cheeziness not necessary)
• talk to her first - don’t let opportunities pass you by
• no kissing noises : )
• be friendly
• be casual
• read the body language
• look her in the eye and smile - you can get noticed really fast that way!
• look at her when she’s talking to you and be interested in what she’s saying (she’s the only one in the room)
• smell good, but don’t make it obvious : )
• be yourself! She will want to go out with you not your image
• look for her in the right places
• keep it comfortable
Courtesy of : Savage, King, Funk

I just found this humorous, and useful at the time.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Okay so it has been a while since I left a blog. I confess I have been slacking, but not entirely. You see the end of the semster has been creeping up on me. That isn't all that good--I mean it is because I'll be graduating--but it isn't because all of my projects are soon due and so are the presentations.

Anyway while I've been off the face of the earth here is a picture of what I have been doing.

If you can't see it click here.

Here is the quick explanation. The place I work is changing its name to Doba--which is a made up word. Anyway I'm the "o" in Doba get it. Here is what the new logo actually looks like.

Oh and I did this on St. Patricks day which my employers renamed "Doba Spirit Day". Thanks to Caroline for helping me paint myself I won $10 for my show of Doba spirit.

Good luck with finals all!

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