Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Finally Here!

Okay we took a while doing it...I guess I really shouldn't blame Caroline, since I promised it...Okay I took a LONG time getting this but it is here! :) Hope you like them.

This is taken from the Kowloon Pennisula of the Hong Kong Island. The really tall building is across the street from the new Church office building in Hong Kong. If you recall the in-between conference show last October they talked about President Hinckley going to Hong Kong to dedicate that building.

This is another island, Lantau island, one of my areas on the mission. Caroline and I went to church there that Sunday. With Caroline and I there were 20 people total (that also included some missionaries and investigators).

Here is a picture of the amazing Hong Kong Temple. We luckily had time to do a session here which was way cool. Yes the session was in Cantonese though they had translation available. I am proud to say that I was able to still understand atleast 85% of the session in Cantonese.

I'll post a couple more in a few days (for real). I don't think my geocities account allows enough bandwith for me to put them all up at once.

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