Thursday, February 28, 2013

I can hardly imagine anyone...

checks this blog any more. It's been over two years since my last post. But just in case you are wondering I'm alive and well.

Not sure about that guy ^ though?

The other day something interesting happened. I hadn't taken a lunch to work. Forgot to bring this along:

(my actual lunch box it quite similar to this). So I decided to go out for lunch on my own. I went to a noodle place a co-worker had taken me to before. They didn't have an English menu so I pretty much pointed at the one that looked similar to what I'd had before and told them "that one".

They quickly prepared my order and soon I was happily on my way back to the office to enjoy my noodles. When I got back to the office I asked my co-worker what I'd purchased. She said it was pork. I was cool with that. Then she continue to describe what kind of pork. It turns out my noodle didn't have meat in them so much as they had pig organs in them. Don't worry they cut up the organs so they were bite size. Pretty soon I came to realize that I had a digestive organ in my noodles. A large pig digestive organ...that is to say the large intestine of a pig was cut up and cooked with my noodles.

Okay, I thought that's interesting. I can try it out. See what it's like. When I opened the lid of my bowl (which began to seem awfully large at this point) I could smell what reminded me of pig pens. I'm pretty sure you all know what kinds of materials the large intestine houses. And I'm pretty sure you can imagine how housing that over the life-time of a pig my thoroughly saturate it with a particular smell. What I'm guessing you can't imagine is why anyone would eat that!

I tried it. I started with a very, very small piece. I'm happy to say it didn't taste quite like the bowl of noodles smelled. So I tried about half of my bowl before I decided I couldn't do anymore. One time the scent got to me as I was chewing a piece and I almost lost it. That's always a good sign you might want to stop eating something. :)

Have a nice day.

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