Friday, February 11, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year

I do realize that I am approximately two days late (depending on which part of the world your on), but oh well at least I got to it. I don't see anyone else blogging about the very important event.

However*, if you came to my house you would see it decorated with much Chinese decor, some of it mine and some of it Caroline's, but all of it aaawesome (said with eyes squinted and head tilting and turning to look down and to the right--just like Napoleon). But I hope that we aren't the only festive Chinese New Year celebrators out there.

Caroline even gave me a Lai-si envelope (or luck money envelope) and it had $1,000 dollar bill in it! Yeah. As soon as I go to Hell I can spent it. That would probably
be more funny if you knew what I was talking about--the money was printed by the Hell Bank--I assumed the location of the Hell Bank...get it. Okay, I should stop writing now. My wish is my command.

*Side note: why is it however instead of how ever, or even how-ever?

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