Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can You Get Under Their Skin

Do you have any friends that you love to bug? To see if you can get under their skin, just for fun? Well if you don't you should get one. Check out this IM conversation I had with one of my friends (I changed his name to "Friend"):

Ryan: you find a new place to work. I heard there were salary cuts at Company X. Is that true?
Friend: Dunno about that, but they are continuing to lay people off.
Friend: And no, I didn't find another place. To tell you the truth, my online portfolio is outta date, and I think it's hurting me.

Ryan: why is it out of date? oh you mean your website?
Friend: Right. The content and the look and feel are very out-of-date.
Ryan: Um...yeah it's a bit out of date.
Ryan: the last experience on there is a job from 2003?
Friend: Right. One small example of everything that needs to be updated.
Ryan: wow you had a 3.8 gpa?
Friend: I now have the Adobe Creative Suite at home, though, so that'll make it easier.
Friend: I spose I did.

Ryan: class of 2000? You're old Friend. Your almost coming on your 10 year COLLEGE graduation.
Friend: Yep, there's dirt and then there me.
Ryan: and I'd take dirt
Ryan: you might be older than rocks too.
Ryan: your biography could use some work.
Friend: Um...yeah.
Ryan: "under construction" come on Friend
Ryan: that is so 1998
Friend: Sue me, I made that web site five years ago.
Ryan: and you're still working on that page?
Friend: No. I shifted my priorities. Maybe you should just surf away from my website now.
Ryan: well there's nothing else for me to see...so I might as well!
Ryan: the splash open has got to go too btw.
Ryan: seriously
Ryan: You know what Friend. It's just my opinion, but I think your online portfolio is outta date and might be hindering you job hunting.

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