Monday, May 17, 2004

Sunday Games Meet Foot Stink

So here is the setup: A bunch of us are all playing card games. Jon realizes that his shoes are on and he would like to take them off. He quickly decides against it because he is afraid that his feet might stink.

Ryan: Don't worry Jon, when Caroline took her shoes off last time 3 people pasted out, and I was one of them.

Ann-Marie: Yeah! And I was the other one.

Slight pause...

Ryan: chuckles....keeps chuckling

Ann-Marie: ...I mean...I was the second one...he he

Fortunately, Ryan keeps bringing up Ann-Marie's mistake throughout the rest of the night. Why, you ask? Because it was dang FUNNY.

Unfortunately, poetic justice had the last laugh. As the night worn on, Ryan felt he could harmlessly throw the football around the apartment. That, however, was not the case. Just ask Elizabeth's newly unpotted plants.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Shopping Cart Maddness

So the other day was that dreaded day when I have to go spend my money on food. As is customary I went to Macey's, and Macey's tends to be busy on Monday nights. Regardless, I went forth to acquire the "bear" necessities: cereal, milk, bread, and chocolate milk...mmm. This time I also needed to get some shampoo and when I remembered my cart was already full, so in order to save my energy I parked the cart next to the soda drinks and walked myself over to the shampoo aisle. I did a quick scan and grabbed a bottle that was cheap, then did a 180 and headed back to my cart. When I returned to the area where my cart was, I noticed several shoppers there talking to each other. I saw them and their carts but I didn't see mine--that's because it wasn't there! Someone had walked off with my cart. Ya, someone stole my groceries--I guess technically they weren't my but I mean really! I wasn't very happy, I didn't want to get all of my groceries again. After the people cleared away I noticed a lone cart in the middle of the aisle--it wasn't mine. I decided to go on a hunter for my cart, I was determined to find it. I did a quick loop and returned to the crime scene. Would you believe my cart was there, and the other one gone? Man, I bet they (the moron that temporarily stole my cart) felt stupid, they probably got up to the checked stand and was like "...hey...wait a minute this ain't my stuff." Alas, all is well I got my cart and I got my food. Worry not, I will live another week.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Hi this is my first blog you'll have to excuse me I'm a little bit nervous.

Last night I went over to an old friend of mine's place. He was trying to pack up all of his stuff so he could move out this morning. He starts telling me these jokes...that were stupid but funny, perhaps that is because it was 2:00am. Anyway he says, "How do you make a clown stop smiling?" I guessed: punch him in the face--it was close but incorrect. Correct answer: hit him in the face with an axe... I don't know about you but I was laughing. Hmm maybe things are funnier at 2:00am?

I've been thinking about it all night. I've concluded that what he said was funny but not very nice.

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