Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wake up call

waking Buck up yesterday morning:

me: "Did you sleep well?"
Buck: "Yes. But I kept waking up to change cars."
"Oh really?"
"What cars?"
"The Chryslers...You know? Those big boxy cars that we saw at the festival (they had one on display at Freedom Festival)."
"Oh--the Dukes of Hazard cars?"
"Ya. I got them for 5 cents. There were 6 of them."
"You bought them?"
"NO! She did!"
"Lindsey (his sister). She bought them for 5 cents, cause she's a sucker."
"Wow! 6 cars for 5 cents....that sounds pretty good to me."
"In my dream it wasn't!"
"She was selling them to me. She was giving me 25 cents to take them."
"Wow. She was giving you money and 6 new cars?"
"Yes. But she didn't have any quarters, so she tried to pay me with like 20 checks."
"So what were you changing?"
(getting kinda annoyed that I'm asking all these questions) "What??"
"When you woke up, you said you were changing cars."
"I wasn't changing their tires or anything." he then just shrugs
"Well. That sounds like a pretty good deal."
I give him a kiss on the cheek and leave the room to finish getting ready for work
about 5 min later while making my lunch in the kitchen.
(Buck enters -- look of confusion on his face)
"I have no idea what I just told you."
(laughing) "I didn't think so."
"My dream was actually that I was selling stuff and Lindsey didn't want to buy anything. But she decided that she was thirsty, so I sold her a glass of orange juice for $5.00. She was going to pay in quarters, but didn't have any, so she wrote me a check. But the orange juice was already gone, so I'm not sure why I was selling it.
(I'm thinking, "ya. this one's a lot easier to understand.") "Oh really? Because you just told me..."

He couldn't stop laughing

We're quite the combination.
I don't know what I'm saying at night when it gets late...
he doesn't know what he's saying in the morning when he wakes up....

interesting that those are the only two times that we see each other.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I Just Learned Me a New Word

e-phem'-er-al: (pronunciation) ADJECTIVE lasting one day only; lasting a very short time

What did you learn today?

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