Monday, August 30, 2004

School's Back

Well I hope that you are all enjoying your first day back on campus. I know I am (said through my tightly clentched teeth). Actually, it's not that bad, although I did go to one class that requires 1475 pages of, yeah that sucks. Bring it on!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Pea Green Soup

When I was little I remember eating lots of canned soup during the summers for lunch. We always had lots of Bean with Bacon (my older sisters' personal favorite) and chicken noodle, but I liked the Pea Green Soup. Now that I think about it there are two reasons why I liked it so much:

1) it was green! like pea green
2) we called it PEA soup and I thought that was funny

I never laughed outload because I didn't want my mom to know I liked saying the name so much. The best part was that I could say either pea soup or pee soup and still not get in trouble for saying pee.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Day Log August 14th

6:15am Dad wakes me up and says, "lets go, we're meeting uncle mark at 7:00"
6:15:16 Strong desire to go back to bed nearly overtakes me
7:05 Arrive at trailhead with bikes, helmet, water bottle, spare tube, pump, tools
7:20 Begin our trek up to lewis peak, a gain in elevation of more than 3,000 ft
8:30 Dad's tire starts to leak air until green slime spews out and clogs the hole
9:15 Dad's tire get low he adds air
9:18 We hit the only down hill part of the ride up, last 150 yards
9:30 Dad's tire currently is holding no air, uncle mark and i are past him 1/4 mile
9:50 Dad and ken finish changing dad's tube
11:07 7 miles after we started we are still going up hill, slow and steady
11:30 Trail gets more friendly we near the peak
11:40 Peak reached, excellent view over ogden valley and the great salt lake
12:09pm Begin our decent back down the the cars
12:32 Dad's fixed tube goes flat we wait 20 minutes for him to walk his bike to us
12:54 Dad's second fixed tube goes flat, final spare tube holds no air
12:59 Re-insert orginal tube with slime: pump, spin tire, pump, air stays, we go
1:20 Enjoy excellent down hill ride
1:25 6 hours and 18.5 miles since we began we again see our beloved vehicles
1:40 On the ride home i realize i still need my emmisions done on the truck
2:15 Unshowered and feed get to auto care center, but the inspector is already gone
2:17 Angerily exit auto car center
2:19 Push start truck because it refuses to start
2:34 Arrive at new auto care center park truck in line to get emmisions tested
2:46 Attempt to start truck to begin testing
2:47 Attempt to push start truck to begin testing
2:51 Attempt to jump truck to begin testing
3:15 Truck finally starts, testing begins
3:21 I move lindsey's car (the jumper:see 2:51)and tip over 44oz soda on floor
3:35 Truck done, go home, LOVE LIFE!

Oh where oh where has my Caroline gone... :(

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Okay Another Question

Most of you know that I work for an internet company. You might even know that I do their online advertising. Anyway, the other day I was telling one on my sister's friends that and she quickly responded, "You mean those popup ads?" Well I was glad to tell her no, that we did mostly search engine marketing. The only time people see ads for us is when they actually do a search for something like "drop shipping," the services we provide. Then they will only see a little text've all seen them they are mixed with your results when you do a search on Yahoo or Google, they are marked "Sponsered Results".

Anyway so last week my supervisor tells me that he has been talking with some people and he wants me to look into contextual advertising...better known to the public as popup advertising. I had some reservations, but he talked to me and pointed out that it can do some good things for us.

Now I was just wondering all ya'lls' thoughts on popup marketing. Think of it as a consumer, and then as a customer (i.e. a business using that type of marketing). Here is your chance to unload...In the words of the great kidney stoneless Em (quoting a movie of course) DO IT.

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