Friday, September 22, 2006

Did you know Pandas have too much fur on their backs to bite them?

Likely you didn't know that...who would. Well Xinyan, a man from Henan province in China, found it out for us.

Note: Drinking doesn't pay off.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"A" or "An" It's Your Call

So I was just im-ing a message to someone and realized something weird I've never noticed before. To explain I'll need you to think way back when you were in school probably elementary school...are you there yet? Okay it was Mrs. Heslop that drilled the rules of english into your head over and over again. Do you remember the rule about "A" versus "An"? You use "An" when the noun succeeding it starts with a vowel (notice "vowel" does not start with a vowel) otherwise you us "A". It's pretty simple, probably one of the easiest rules in english.

Okay so pop-quiz time. I'll list some nouns you say which article is the proper one to precede it.

Interesting...maybe I'm slow...or maybe Mrs. Heslop didn't teach me the second part of the rule!

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