Friday, October 29, 2004

My Supervisor

Some of you might remember one of my previous posts long ago about my employers and how crazy they are. Well, nothing has changed; they are still crazy and I still love working for them. I didn't at that time tell you about my supervisor, or what you might call my super visor.

if you can't see the picture click here

Clark is a great guy but he has "what doctors might call a bit of a weight problem." You know sometimes I feel bad for him, but then again I'm glad for him. Why you ask? Because he makes light of his pathetic situation, and laughing is actually good for him, it burns calories, something this clown has lots of.

I hope you all have a...
Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Quarter is only 25%

One out of four, the odds are really low. You lose three times to every one win. That's not good. And for these reasons I propose that 25 years is not old. If you got a 25% on a test would you be happy with that? NOO you would think it was way too low of a score. So I propose that 25 is a WAaaaayyyY low age too. I think that all of you will agree. Even though my mom called me today to tell me that I was now on my way to thirty (oooo), but it's easy to get her to stop trying to tease me. I just ask, "Doesn't that make YOU feel old?" Then the balls back in my court baby! Muwahahaha!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

We're Back

But I'm not so happy about it. The little time we had away from everyone (no offense) and everything was SO nice. But now we're back and guess what? School didn't stop for me so I have to try and catch up to it now. YeeeeHawww.

Guess what else. Being married to Caroline has made me more recognizable on campus. Just a half-hour ago I was in the Tanner building and someone looked at me with the I-know-you-somehow look. I didn't return the look, frankly because I knew I didn't know her. She asked me my name. I told her. She asked if I was married to Caroline. I smiled (realizing that was infact true) and said yes. She smiled and said she was one of Caroline's good friends, she recognized me from the announcement--go figure.

Anyway we're back and we're kinda sad about it and kinda glad too, but just a little.

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