Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hi guys...
We moved. We boxed up everything we owned into 165 little Xerox boxes. seriously. We loaded the little boxes up into a big trailer, and moved them. About 1.25 miles away. Down the State Street hill and into Provo. Ya, I pretty much never want to move again.
So here are some pictures of the cute little yellow home we bought (did I mention it's little?).

On the front porch

Unpacking the kitchen

Our first visitor -- bringing us dinner!
(Thanks Ann-Marie)

Lincoln: all plumb tuckered-out from the move

We're finally unpacked--well, for the most part. Thank goodness.

I had a dream last week that I babysat for you guys. It made me happy, but it was totally weird since I live kinda far away. But if you're ever in Arizona...
yea for your new house and that cute little lincoln!
you guys are precious!

i want to come see you!
That is great news! Mostly because now you'll have all sorts of fixer-upper projects to do, and you'll be blogging about it.

And everytime you post, I will laugh at you... until I get my own house. Then I will laugh with you.

Congrats dude!
That picture of Ann-Marie coming to visit is the best! Hahaha!! I love you guys.
Holy Crap! I'd almost given up on your blog but figured I'd chekc back just in case. Congrats on the house.
i've never seen the little one. he is soo precious.
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