Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Didn't Know...

Ann-Marie, I didn't know that you are a model. Making a little extra moola on the side eh? Well at least you have standards about who you model for.

I tried modeling but it didn't work. I think I'm tooo provocative!

Happy March Maddness!
well you know...i'm a huge advocate of not smoking....and when they asked me to do the photo shoot, i just couldn't say no!

i love you modeling picture though...i'm surprised you haven't gotten any jobs b/c of it!
I'm thinking about sending it out to a few people I know. I'll probabaly have an agent in the next couple days, realistically.
maybe you could be on america's next top model? you're WAY prettier than those girls!
Provacative? I probably shouldn't tell you this Ryan, but your photo totally turns me on.
you're both just so very, very pretty.
I can't believe how much that looks like AnnMarie!

Buck, you just need to suck in your cheeks then you're SO there.
em are you saying that i look creepy? that's not very nice!
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